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Model SS Dairy Sightglass

Model SS Dairy Sightglass

model SS sight glasses
Model SS sight glasses

Model SS Screwed Sightglasses  are used for visual control of processes inside vessels, storage tanks, mixers, reactors etc. They are preferably used in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food Industries and General Processing.
Construction and Standard Materials:

  • Weld Ferrule 304 or 316L
  • Grooved Collar Nut 304SS
  • Glass Plate Tempered Borosilicate
  • Gasket PTFE
  • Gasket on Product Side Silicone

Operating Conditions:

  • Pressure: 85 psig
  • Vacuum: Full Vacuum
  • Temperature: 500° F

Available Options:

  • Non-Hazardous Lighting Units
  • Low Pressure Wiper

Special Material and Special Configurations are available.

Combined lighting and viewing is achieved with the model HLM lighting unit.