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Model RLG Weld Pad

Model RLG Weld Pad

Weldpad Level GageModel RLG Rectangular Weld Pad Sightglass is designed for observation directly into a tank. Weld pad gages are ideal for applications involving high vibration, highly viscous liquids or liquids with considerable solids. These gages are welded directly to the process vessel and because there is no standard nipple connection the possibility of clogging is eliminated. These gages provide optimum versatility and are used in direct reading liquid level measurement for medium pressure tanks applications in the petroleum, chemical, natural gas and general process industries.  This model is a weld on unit with the lower pad welded directly to the tank or vessel wall.

Units are available with a cylindrical or spherical curve to match the vessel or tank.

Glass Lens can be either Reflex or Transparent.

Various lengths are available up to 141-¼”.

Available Options include:

  • Shields (MICA, Kel-F, PFA)
  • Scale (English or Metric)
  • Non-Frost Extension
  • Explosion-Proof illuminator