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Series BB-100 OS&Y Gauge Valves

Series BB-100 OS&Y Gauge Valves

Series BB-100 Isolation ValvesThe Series BB-100 OS&Y Gauge Valves are forged Steel O.S. & Y Bolted Bonnet Offset style gauge valve.  They have a Forged Yoke and a separate Follower Packing Gland to compress the Stem Packing. This design places the thread portion of the Valve Stem outside of the valve body to prevent contact with the process fluid. The Valve Stem is a non-rotating reciprocating stem. The Valve Stem slides to and from the Valve Seat with a non-rotating action. This allows for perfect seating and eliminates the possibility of galling at the Valve Seat. The Valve Stem is furnished with a backseating feature to permit the repacking of the Valve Stem Packing while the Valve is in service and under pressure. These Gauge Cocks are furnished with Renewable Seats and with or without Stainless Steel Ball Checks.

Gauge Cocks can be furnished with 1/2″ or 3/4″ NPT, or Flanged.

3000 Psig at 100°F or 1500 Psig at 600°F

Standard Construction:
Body Forging: Steel or 316LSS
Bonnet Forging: Steel or 316SS
Stem and Seat: 416SS or 316SS

Standard Packing:
Non-Asbestos Valve Stem Packing
Stainless Steel-Grafoil Spirotallic Gasket
Optional Packing:
Teflon Valve Stem Packing
Stainless Steel-Teflon Spirotallic Gasket