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Model KB-WN Weld Neck Sightglass

Weldneck Sight WindowModel KB-WN Weld Neck Sightglass

Model KB-WN Weld Neck Sightglass are weld neck units designed to be welded onto pipe ends or into tanks or vessels. The lower flange is a standard ANSI 150# weld neck flange. Higher rated units are also available (300# and 600#).

Material certification is furnished with all KB-WN units.

Available options include:

  • Low Pressure Wiper
  • High Pressure Wiper
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Lighting Units
  • Spray Wash Systems

Standard sightglass lens material is Tempered Borosilicate(500°F) and Tempered Soda Lime(400°F). If your operating temperature requirement is above 550°F, we offer Vycor or Quartz glass.

Available pipe sizes range from 1″ to 8″ standard and other sizes are available upon request .