Model RLC and TLC Large Chamber Level Gage

The Model RLC and TLC large chamber level gage is designed to give a more accurate reading for liquids that have a tendency to surge or boil, than could be obtained with the standard gauges. We believe that our Large Chamber Gauges are superior in construction to competitive gauges because:

  1. The liquid chamber is made from exceptionally heavy tubing 2″ I.D. x 3 3/4″ O.D. with a 7/8″ wall thickness.
  2. The liquid chamber is recessed to accommodate the gasket for each individual glass and the gasket fits snugly into the recess, so that it cannot be forced out ward by internal pressure.
  3. The covers are fitted to the liquid chamber with stud bolts, making assembly or replacement of glasses and gaskets much easier and quicker than with curved U- bolts and through bolts.

The covers are drop forged, machined to fit the contour of the glass and provides full support for the front cushion gasket. It is bolted to the face of the liquid chamber with the glass and gaskets in between.

The gaskets used are of the finest quality, uniform in thickness and accurately die cut. The standard gasket material is compressed non-asbestos, but can be furnished in other materials most suitable for the liquid involved.